Pavement Consulting and Management

Pavement Consultingi LLC (PCI) provides pavement management services to clients throughout North America.

Pavements are the most undervalued capital asset of most commercial properties. Consequently, maintenance and repair expenditures are often reactive in nature and have little positive impact on extending the service life of the pavement.

Implementing a proactive pavement management strategy provides the following key data points for your effective management of this asset.

  • Defines the quantities of different pavement types and their replacement value
  • Rates the pavement condition using the PASER program
  • Validates options for maintenance and rehabilitation strategies
  • Generates budget strategies consistent with your asset management process
  • Provides detailed plans and specifications for competitive bidding
  • Manages the construction process to validate that correct materials and procedure are followed

The critical result in utilizing our management services is to extend your pavement’s service life while increasing the safety factor for your staff and customers. In doing so, your expenditures for managing your pavements are part of your long term budgeting process, not an unplanned expenditure.

The staff of PCI has been providing these services to a broad spectrum of clients for the past two decades. Some of the industries served include:

  • Shopping Center Developers
  • Beverage Manufacturers
  • Home Improvement Retailers
  • Office Parks
  • Government Campuses
  • Food Processors
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturers
  • Health Care

With a focus on maximizing current technology, PCI’s goal is to provide a paperless environment via digital media to meet our client’s needs while offering relevant and timely information. Combining practical experience with innovative use of technology allows PCI to effectively meet a wide variety of situations while controlling costs without compromising service to our clients. PCI’s pavement management program is scalable in order to meet your site-specific needs.

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